Message from CEO Ota

Nice to meet you, I'm Kazumasa Ota, CEO of HOURS Co., Ltd.I joined Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, one of the Japanese mega banks, as a new graduate in 2010, and started with domestic individual sales, experienced corporate sales for small and medium-sized enterprises, and sales of medium-sized listed companies, and then Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley. After being seconded to the Securities and Investment Banking Headquarters and experiencing equity finance, MA, and IPO operations for large domestic companies, I returned to the bank and retired from the bank in September 2019 after working as a corporate sales manager.

Having had extensive experience with the top financial companies in Japan, I have always felt that the centralized capitalist system will eventually reach its limits.Just as money is the blood of society, blood must circulate throughout the body without interruption. If you accumulate too much somewhere, or if you don't reach it, you will get sick.Although money should be necessary for democratic value exchange and circulation, the current finance systematized so that someone can control it intentionally centrally creates money worship, and anxiety and anxiety. Isn't it something that amplifies negative emotions such as attachment and ego and relatively lowers the happiness of humankind?The more I was in the center of finance, the more I felt.
An era in which people find their own values ​​and exchange and circulate values ​​more democratically within their own communities in a more decentralized manner, rather than centrally defined values. Came to think that would come.In addition, as the Internet becomes widespread and information that was previously known only to some human beings is democratized and decentralized, society will become a free and open society with the improvement of human spirituality. In spite of the trend, some companies manage personal information etc. in one place, and it is happening in society that there is a topic of suppression of speech and a surveillance society.
Under such circumstances, with the advancement of technologies such as blockchain and DeFi, financial and personal information have been decentralized, and the technological ground for truly democratic economic activities is now being prepared.We paid attention to this and developed a new DeFi service to democratize privacy and finance. As the most reliable business partner for all of you, we will continue to accelerate and grow sustainably as human beings escape from centralization, gain true freedom, and create a world that does not spit out the purpose for which they should live. All employees will aim to become a company.Please look forward to the future development of HOURS Co., Ltd.